Photo Tours Unlimited

     Imagine participating in a photography workshop where the entire experience is tailored to suit your needs and desires -- your skill level; your favorite locations; on your schedule. That's exactly what Photo Tours Unlimited is all about: You. We specialize in helping you take your photography to the next level.

     So many of the one-size-fits-all group photo workshops are designed around the lowest common denominator. With the wide variation in student skill levels on each group workshop, organizers adjust their content to appeal to the "average" photographer. This approach is OK for novice photographers who need generalized help in many areas. But in a group setting, the instructor must divide his attention among all workshop students. Participants are left to vie with other students to get their questions answered and their specific needs addressed.

     There is a better way.

     Photo Tours Unlimited offers custom photography travel in which you create the type of experience you want. You have final approval on all options. Select your favorite locations or places you've always wanted to see and photograph. You decide the dates of travel and length of the trip. Choose the type of lodging that suits you and your budget -- from five-star luxury hotels to camping under the stars. You can drive your own vehicle or leave the transportation to us. If hiking or backpacking is your thing, we'll customize a trip just for you. And you decide who joins you on your trip -- family, friends or camera-club colleagues. Or maybe it's just you, one-on-one with your instructor. The possibilities are unlimited.

     We consult with you -- the client -- to find out the travel options that appeal to you. Then we build a memorable, educational and fun photographic experience around your wishes. We do all the research and take care of all logistics for your trip. Then we guide you to great locations when the conditions are optimal for the best photography. And expert, individualized photography instruction is built into every trip we plan. Through customized, one-on-one instruction from a knowledgeable, experienced photographer, you'll see dramatic improvement in your technique and image quality. That is our commitment to you.

     Due to the individualized nature and uniqueness of each photography tour we plan, it's difficult to list the trip's costs until all the logistics and details associated with the trip have been finalized and signed off by the client. We customize each travel itinerary to suit your personal preferences and budget, and we work hard to pack lots of content into every tour. Once all the options have been decided, we'll quote you the trip's full price. You'll be able to review all costs and make adjustments to the final itinerary before committing to the tour or making any upfront payments. To inquire about scheduling your own photo tour, call or e-mail Photo Tours Unlimited today.

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     Photo Tours Unlimited is owned and operated by Peter and Kim Ensenberger. Together, they form an unbeatable team that loves to travel and knows its way around. Let them plan your next photography outing.

     Peter has been a working professional photographer for more than 40 years, and served as Director of Photography for Arizona Highways magazine for 25 years. During his tenure on the magazine staff he became intimately familiar with the flora and fauna of Arizona and the Southwest, and he has explored the region's most scenic locations. Peter's depth of knowledge and experience in the photography industry is at your disposal. And with more than 30 years experience leading photography workshops and seminars, he knows how to help photographers take their craft to the next level. Focus on Composing PhotosPeter's recently published how-to book, is aimed at improving your composition techniques, no matter what type of camera you use or your level of expertise. And as a gift to our tour clients, a complementary copy of Peter's best-selling book is included for each paid participant on a Photo Tours Unlimited trip.

     Kim also worked for Arizona Highways for 19 years as the magazine's Production Director. She planned and executed the production schedules for hundreds of artistic print projects, meeting tight deadlines on budget. Kim's hands-on approach to solving logistical issues and her attention to detail ensured that all coffee-table books, travel guides, art calendars, posters and prints were of the highest quality and worthy of the Arizona Highways brand. And with her background and expertise as an event planner, Kim knows how to get the most out of a tight travel itinerary.

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